Quick Tips For Shooting The Milky Way

It’s coming into that time of the year when the Milky Way is visible in our sky and photographers like you and me rug up to brave the cold nights and capture part of our galaxy. When I was out shooting a few nights ago I recorded a few quick tips that you can use to improve your Milky Way photography with the settings I was using as well as explaining a little about the 500 rule for you to use.


I’ve put a video below but I just briefly want to explain a little more about what the 500 & 600 rules are and how they can help. The biggest difference between them in the 500 rule is designed for full fame cameras and the 600 rule is for crop sensor. They’re both the same process to calculate and quick simple, it’s just 500/focal length = shutter speed. Below is a little 500 rule cheat sheet you can use too. The number it gives you for your shutter speed is only designed to be a guide as sometimes you will get a number like 35 seconds but when you look at the image, the stars have still moved or created trails. 


I like to stick to around 15 seconds on my wide angle lens but it’s completely up to you how long you go for based on the look you want. 



Cheat Sheet



I hope you liked this quick article and video tutorial! Please leave me a comment below and let me know how you’re going with your Milky Way photography.

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