The Photographers Appeal To The Tweed Coast (Also Everyone Else)

Recently I was humbled to have a 2-page article printed in the Tweed Daily News showcasing some of my images which has spurred me to write this article.


I wanted to give a bit of a showcase about the Tweed and what makes it appealing to tourists and photographers (mostly photographers) coming from the view of its natural beauty. I just want you to know that there is more to the Tweed than just nature, the people, the food and the relaxing environment all contribute to its appeal, but this I’m going to show you what will bring photographers here to showcase its wonder.


MG_6247-Edit-Edit.jpgFor those of you that have seen my work before, you will know I’m mainly a landscape and nature photographer focussing my efforts around the Gold Coast and Tweed but I also have a love of travel. The reason I enjoy shooting around this area so much is for the diversity of what you can find within such a short distance drive. From the sand pumping jetty and Lighthouse at Fingal to Black Rocks down in Pottsville and out to the Clarrie Hall Dam and Mt. Warning, there’s so much range to choose from if you want to capture a stunning sunrise, beautiful sunset or even the wonder of the Milky Way, you have infinite choice without the hustle and bustle of the Gold Coast.





MG_7309-HDR-Edit.jpgI would have to say my favourite spot would be Fingal Head. Being able to go up to the Lighthouse and capture sunrise, sunset or the Milky Way, it has to be the starting point for photographers to go out and experience the Tweed Coast with a camera. Just up the road from there is the sand pumping jetty. This is a lovely little spot to catch a sunrise because you can catch the reflections of the sky and jetty in the receding water to make a lovely composition, plus the leading lines from the jetty out into the ocean just bring it all together.


MG_6020-HDR-Edit-Edit.jpgIf you want to head down to Cabarita, there are another couple of lovely spots there. An obvious one is the beach and the rock formations around there but the second is the Cabarita Lake. I’ve been and shot around there a few times and it’s a gorgeous little spot. If the conditions are right, the lake will be dead calm and offer up some perfect mirror reflections which works fantastically well when you get a big colourful sunset and it mirrors in your frame, perfect.



If you want to go even further down the coast, you’ll get to Hastings Point. Another gorgeous spot that you can get shots of sunrise, sunset and astro. At low tide on the ocean side (hey that rhymes!) you can get down to the rocks next to the headland and find some lovely reflective rock pools which make very interesting foregrounds, especially when you have an interesting sky. You can see one of my images from that spot as the featured image on this post.


I mentioned you can also get astro down there which looks amazing and clear. With less light pollution around than Fingal, you get to really see some crisp and clear shots come from your camera, as long as you have your settings right! I wrote a post with a few quick tips that might be useful if you want to go our and give Milky Way photography a try, you can find it here.


MG_7390-HDR-Edit.jpgThe last place I want to mention in this post is the Clarrie Hall Dam, the crams farm section that is. I want to give you a word of warning, make sure you check the opening and closing times!! I forgot to do that one day at the main section and lets just say, I learnt my lesson while being locked behind the gate. Now I’ve said that, lets get onto why I like the Crams Farm section. The small wharf they’ve got there as well as the great view of Mt.Warning make this an ideal location to capture a unique sunset or even astro as I’ve seen a fantastic image by DK Photography of the Milky Way setting.


I hope you’ve found this article useful and it’s given you some inspiration to go out and capture a little piece of the Tweed Coast. If you want to see the article from the Tweed Daily News, check it out here.


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Let me know with a comment below, what’s your favourite shooting location, or just place to see on the Tweed Coast? I’d love to know and if you’re wanting to go out on a shoot one day, feel free to contact me.

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