Samyang 14mm f/2.8

Samyang 14mm f/2.8 Review

What can I say about this less? I guess that’s what you’re here to read…

I’ve owned this lens for about 3 months now and I bought it to work with my Canon 6D as an ultra wide landscape and astrophotography lens.

If I could summarise what I think of this lens in one word it would be “FANTASTIC”. The value you get with the price tag of only around $400 is exceptional. The build quality is a solid metal construction with a permanent lens hood attached to avoid scratching the front element. The quality of the glass is very good and produces nice sharp images that print well. 

Miami Milky Way with MeThe fast f/2.8 aperture makes this lens awesome for astro photographers too. If you partner this with a good low light camera, you’ll be able to capture some exceptional Milky Way shots without having to push your ISO to 4000 or more and get a better looking image in camera. 

There are however a couple of downsides I’ve found while using it. Because the front element is so large, normal filters and filter holders won’t work with it. A solution to this however is that Samyang partnered with Cokin and they specially designed a filter system for this lens. If you want to spend an extra $100 – $150 on the filter system, go for it, or you could shoot bracketed and merge to an HDR in Lightroom

If you’re reading this post because you’re thinking about buying one of these lenses, you’re probable aware by now it’s an all manual lens. This means there are no electronic parts built in for setting the aperture or focus. When you first use all manual, it’s a little strange getting used to it because on most cameras it will make live-view look off and the resulting photo properly exposed. Also choosing your f stop on the lens was a new experience for me but I got used to it pretty quickly. As for manual focussing, I switched to manual focus for most of my landscapes anyway because the autofocus was usually a tiny bit out to begin with. 

Cabarita Lake Sunset | NSWSomething else I love about this ultra wide-angle lens is the huge perspective you get and a close minimum focussing distance of just 0.28m which allows you to really get your foreground interest close and still see the entire scene around it. 

In my view, this lens is exceptional value for the money. If you’re interested in purchasing one to expand your lens collection or want to change up your style of photography, I think you’ll be happy with this lens, I know I am. A little note that if you’re trying to compare this to the Rokinon 14mm f/2.8 or haven’t heard of that lens before, don’t worry because they’re exactly the same lens from the same factory, they just have a different brand name on them for different international markets. 

Please leave me a comment below and share your thoughts on this lens, this post or The Lens Cap Diary in general and if you’d like to get one of these lenses for yourself, click here to find it on Amazon. 



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  • kimpee artista vidallon
    Posted at 18:54h, 19 February Reply

    Hi ryan,

    Good day!

    I just have one question , because im planning to buy at camera canon 6d , and i want a ultra wide angle lense, Is ronikon / Samyang 14mm usable for HDR braketing for real estate? because ive heard that this is manual lense, so im just wondering what to buy for a lense. ahm can u send me some sample photos using canon 6d and samyang 14mm for real estate and architectural photography using the method of Braketing (HDR) .

    Thank you so much and GOD bless.

    Real Estate Photographer
    Based in Dubai

    • Ryan Fowler
      Posted at 09:08h, 01 May Reply

      Hi Kim,

      I have used the Samyang for some real estate photography and it works well. It’s an affordable lens option for what you’re looking to do. It can be very wide in some situations. If you can stretch for a Canon 16-35mm f/4 lens maybe, that would be a better option with zoom, but depends on your budget.

      Hope that helps.


  • Imran Shahzad
    Posted at 23:13h, 27 May Reply

    Hi Rayan,
    Thank you for writing such post. i am planning to buy this lens but for HDRI 360 x 180 for 3d rendering. do you recommend this lens 14mm.
    you early response will be highly appreciated.
    on my email as well

    • Ryan Fowler
      Posted at 11:50h, 30 July Reply

      You would have quite a bit of distortion doing a 360. This lens may not be the best option.

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