Packing For A Fijian Photography Getaway

I’m soooooo excited for this trip! Tonight is the night before I go wheels up to Fiji with the lovely people at Yatule Resort & Spa on Natadola Beach for 8 days of fun and relaxation. Now before you start daydreaming about white sandy beaches, palm trees, the sounds of the pure blue ocean waves gently hugging the shore and not to mention the wonderful Fijian people…sorry I was dreaming myself! There is a point to this post and that is I wanted to share with you what gear I was taking with me, in-case you are planning a similar trip in the future.


I’ve had this question get asked a few times so thought I would share the answer in this post.


First thing’s first, the camera. I’m packing a Canon 6D as I’m mainly a landscape shooter and this gives me everything I need in the one body. Some people may be wondering why only one body? Simply because it’s a lot lighter and I make sure to take care of it, plus there will be another camera around with me all the time (with my lovely girlfriend who has my old 600D) which I’m sure I could borrow if I needed too 😉 I’ve also got a second fully charged battery that will be in my bag as I won’t know how long I’ll be shooting for over the days.


From the photo above you would also notice a GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition which is what I’m going to be using for all of my water photography and exciting moments (like white water rafting). The accessories I’ve got for the GoPro are a chest strap, jaw clamp with flex arm and floaty backdoor as a precaution.


For my 6D I’ve got 3 lenses, an ultra-wide Samyang 14mm f/2.8 (for landscapes and astro), Canon 75-300mm and Canon EF 35-105 for when I need a wide to mid-range focal length. The accessories I’m carrying are a Cokin filter holder and adapter ring for the ND4 filter I’m taking (only take one ND as I don’t think I’m going to need to use them a lot) plus I’ve got a Hoya polarising filter for when I want to get colourful blue skies or water and cut the reflection.


The final few bits and pieces I’ve got are a waterproof torch (got it for $8 at Woolies and is really handy), a wired and wireless cable release because the wired one is what I prefer to use but has had some issues lately after if went for a swim at the beach, whoops! The zip-lock bag you can see is where I’ve got cleaning bits (rocket blower, lens clothes, cleaning fluid, lint-free wipes) for my camera and lenses as well as a spare battery for my torch.


The final thing on the left is my tripod. I use a Manfrotto BeFree series tripod which I only bought a couple of weeks ago, but love it already. It’s lightweight (1.4kg), folds up to a nice small size and fits perfectly on my backpack so i don’t get caught on trees like I used to.


Oh, there’s one thing I forgot to put in the photo and that is a little 50ml bottle of Aeroguard because no matter where I go, i seem to get bitten by sand flies or something and this lightweight liquid is perfect to chuck in my bag because if it wasn’t, I would forget to take it and get bitten, a lot.


That’s all folks! This is the equipment I’m taking with me to Fiji and although some of it may not be the most expensive equipment, I know how to use it and get the best from it which is something I suggest you do with your gear, learn to get the best from it, no matter how expensive it is.


I look forward to sharing more of my trip with you and some shots. Now to go to bed and get ready for 8 awesome days of light chasing.



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