What Canon Needs To Do With Mirrorless

What Canon Needs To Do With Mirrorless

This is something I have been thinking about and wanting to happen for a while so I thought I would share my thoughts. I’d like to say that I’m not sponsored by Canon in any country, just a long time user and is my preference for DSLR and mirrorless cameras.


How did this post come about? I recently purchased an EOS M5 and really enjoying using it. It’s primarily used as a second body to my original 6D, however there are times where I prefer to carry around the smaller body and use it for certain reasons, like wildlife for the extra zoom range.


Canon Full Frame Mirrorless

What do I think needs to happen with the Canon Full Frame Mirrorless body? Apart from a full frame sensor that handles low light well with a decent amount of MP, like the 5DIV sensor. There’s debate online that the full frame body needs to have an EF mount to be able to take full frame lenses. I’m in two minds about this.


One being it would be great to take my current lenses so I don’t have to buy different lenses, however these are still heavy, even though I only carry around three lenses when I travel.  The other side being that with the mirrorless lines of lenses available now, will be upgraded to be lighter, smaller and just as sharp if Canon begins to bring in L-series mirrorless full frame lenses. I’ll talk more about that in a minute though.


Some other things I’m hoping will appear in the full frame mirrorless camera (rumoured around September 2018) is a fast writing speed to the card (I know this depends on card as well), tethering capability for studio photography use like products and keep all the ports on the M5. Improved battery life on the M5 would be a nice bonus too as it does last a while depending on what you’re photographing.


The touch focus on the screen for the M5 is awesome if you don’t have big fingers. My fingers are slightly bigger although not a shovel haha. I’ve found a way to work with it and sometimes it’s a bit laggy to follow my finger, but enjoy using it overall.


Now, this is a touchy subject in Canon cameras, 4K video. I feel like the new camera could accomodate it and people in the Canon community are calling for it. Yes, 4K is still growing in the video industry with TVs, monitors and cameras, but people want it and Canon has to answer. On a side not, please put a decent frame rate on it that lets us do slow-mo if we want to.


Lens Lineup

Lets talk lenses. You might hate me after this section, but they’re just my thoughts. You’re welcome to share yours in the comments below.


The current mirrorless lens lineup isn’t great. It’s okay, but not great. I’ve got the 18-55 that came with my M3 and used it for a while with vlogs. It was good for that because the focussing on it was so incredibly quiet, but the quality wasn’t that good for video or stills. I can’t weigh in on the other lenses in the line up because I haven’t tried them so it wouldn’t be fair.


I feel like Canon is going to bring full frame quality lenses to the mirrorless line. The adapter mount works perfectly between all my lenses, however with a full frame mirrorless camera, I think it needs lenses to match the size, weight and proportions of the line.


What do you think Canon will do? EF mount on the new camera or increased lenses in the mirrorless line?



There’s really just one accessory that I would like to see for my current M5, a battery grip. The battery life isn’t great and yes, I could quite easily change the battery quickly, but I don’t want to have to if I’m on a job or doing a long time-lapse shoot. Less things to distract you from the job at hand will help you focus on the creative side rather than technical.


There are already the accessories you need like flashes, cable releases and so on, but battery grips for mirrorless cameras for commercial photographers would be a great addition.



Do you agree with my thoughts? What else would you add? Leave me a comment down below.

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