“Mirror Lake”

Cabarita Lake Sunset Panoram | NSW

I’ve been down here to Cabarita Lake at sunset quite a few times now because it’s local and I really wanted to try for a different style of shot as I’d covered most of the other compositions already.


I’ve been loving the look and style of panoramas for a little while and shooting more of them now to capture more of an expansive scene. I knew the pole in the water would be my focal point as I was driving down and visualising the type of shot I wanted to get with the clouds behind it and reflecting in the glass like water.


When I got there and found the conditions were right, I took a few steps through the tress and found there is a little concrete pad that lines up perfectly for a panorama using the pole as the central point. I then got my framing and composition right and ready for the light to get to the perfect colour and captured the image.

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