Baby Humpback Whale Tail | Gold Coast


There is something incredibly fascinating about watching a baby whale play around you in the middle of the ocean. The boat trip on this particular day was a smooth, easy trip through the waves and when whales were fist sighted in the distance, there was an air of excitement. After having a couple of mother and calf pairs swim by, this baby must have been particularly excited to see something new in the water with it.


Mum had obviously let the baby mess around with the boat for a while because this one was swimming right up to the stern and playing around the edge with tail slaps, breaches and swimming right underneath us! You may have seen lots of photos of breaching whales, however from all the excitement, the image doesn’t always have to show the full body, it can be a certain part like the tail here and it’s one that just stands out to me.


I feel like it shows how much fun whales have in the warm blue waters of the Australian Coastline and how lucky we are to be able to witness them in a natural environment.


How does this image make you feel? I hope you enjoy having it up on your wall and it brings you joy knowing you’ve helped to preserve wild habitats for animals like this baby whale.

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