Lake Cabarita Sunset, NSW



Third time lucky!


I’ve been to this location three times to capture a sunset and over time it seems to have improved. The first I managed to capture a nice long exposure but I knew I could improve. The next time was a bright red sky sunset and this time, well this time I got the shot I was dreaming I would get.


All the conditions seemed to line up perfectly. The sky was bursting with pastel colours, there wasn’t a breath of wind and the water was still and calm. This image to me shows the diversity of imagery you can capture on the Tweed Coast within such a short distance. Even though I did have to kick my shoes off and walk through a bit of mud, which felt more like a mud spa for my feet, it was absolutely worth it to capture this.


The sunset seemed to last quite a while as well which allowed me to capture a few different compositions and still get to sit peacefully and just enjoy the experience of sitting back and enjoying the pure magnificence of Mother Nature in her full glory. It’s such a peaceful and relaxing place to be in when you’re out photographing a beautiful scene.

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