Salt (Kingscliff) Boat Shed Sunset | NSW



What can I say but I love this little spot!


I had only been told about this little place two nights before I came down to capture this stunning sunset. I met a lovely lady when I was out shooting another lovely sunset one afternoon and she mentioned a boat shed somewhere in Salt so I knew I had to go and find this great little hidden gem.


The day after finding out that it actually existed I jumped on the bike and rode down to track down its location. Little did I know it’s quite literally a 2 minute bike ride away from my front door, lucky me! I could see the conditions lining up on the afternoon I took this and I knew this was the location I wanted to be at. Surprisingly, as great as this little spot is, it really is a hidden gem because there were no other photographers around and very few people walked down to see it during sunset which worked really well for me.


Being my first time shooting down there I was expecting to do more scouting than capture a portfolio image but the biggest surprise of all wasn’t the stunning sunset but the dolphin that decided to come swimming right up to the shore and scare the daylights out of me by blowing its blowhole almost in my face! I got a bit of a shock but it just adds to the experience and atmosphere of the image and the meaning it has.

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