Yellow-Eyed Penguin | New Zealand


Seeing penguins of any kind in their natural habitat is a special moment, but the first time I feel is a memory that will always be spoken about. Fortunately, this was my first time capturing a penguin in its environment and at first I had a bit of shock thinking, “Is that really a penguin there? A real one?”


A bit surreal, but once it sunk in, I was snapping away. At first, this little guy was a distance away. However, I think he got curious because he was hopping and waddling along the edge of the little hill coming closer and closer. When he got to the distance where this image was taken from, it was amazing to see the almost catwalk style poses toward the camera. The sand on the beach below, partnered with the green of the hill in front make for some lovely contrasting colours to frame this beautiful animal.


This little guy is a Yellow-Eyed Penguin or in New Zealand, a Hoiho penguin. They’re rare to see and I feel very fortunate to capture this environmental portrait. They’re also a unique species to New Zealand and classed as an endangered species with just 6000-7000 remaining.


How does this image make you feel? I hope you enjoy having it up on your wall and it brings you joy knowing you’ve helped to preserve wild habitats for animals like this rare Yellow-Eyed Penguin.

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