Why I Choose Capture One…

Switching to Capture One for the first time was a scary thing. Having been a long time Lightroom user, but knowing I needed a different solution that handled my Fujifilm files properly, Capture One Pro was a program I had heard many professional photographers using and seeing great results with.


The 30-day trial was my leap of faith and seeing the way it handled the images for my commercial and personal work was incredible. The detail retention, colour and culling speeds were exceptional.


For my commercial and studio work, it requires a lot of tethered capture. I was used to slow tethered capture speeds and the first time I tethered in Capture One, it was lightning quick! The benefits for myself and clients who may be on the shoot with me was massive. Having 1-second tethered import and quick rendering times over the previous 6 to 8-second import times meant changes could be made to the props and lighting which is a huge time saver.


There are a huge amount of benefits to Capture One that I have found for my workflow and overall image quality that I am proud to now be an affiliate for the software and hope that those of you considering trying or buying it will find huge benefits as well, especially those of you who are working professionally or striving towards it.

File Handling

From the first of my Fujifilm RAW Files imported in Capture One, the level of detail, colour and contrast rendition was incredible. I have had issues with other programs since beginning to use Fujifilm cameras that just seemed to lose a lot of the detail that I was expecting and even saw on the back of the camera.


Now, whenever an image is imported or tethered straight through to Capture One Pro, I know it will retain all the fine details in the files, especially when photographing for clients and the highest quality is expected.

Capture One Pro Australia - Before and after 1Capture One Pro Australia - Before and after 2
Capture One Pro Tethering

Tethered Performance

If you’re reading this and do or have done tethered capture, you’d know that lag time when importing can be frustrating, time consuming and in general slows everything down.


Tethered capture inside Capture One Pro has been 6 – 7 times faster than what I was used to, meaning faster workflow and less waiting time for clients.


I know for me, I shoot a lot of products and being able to see in a second or two the result I’m getting means changes can be made faster to have more time in the day. The performance within Capture One Pro means it also hasn’t crashed or slowed to a crawl on me while tethering that makes shooting a lot easier.


Whether it’s products or portraits, having tethered capture so easily available and effortless is a great addition to any workflow.

See It In Action…

To see more of Capture One in action, check out this video I did of a studio photography tutorial using the same setup I used to capture the banner image on this page. It will give you an idea of the speed, colour and detail rendition in the RAW files coming straight from the camera.


I hope it helps you to see some of the benefits of Capture One Pro and how it could help your photography.

See Capture One used in the studio and a small part of how I use it.

* Clicking the link will take you to the Capture One website. As I am an affiliate/partner for the program, I will receive a small percentage of any purchase you make which helps to support Ryan Fowler Photography. It does not cost anything extra to you.