Nisi Filters Australia by Ryan Fowler Photography

Discover the new NiSi 15mm f/4 wide-angle Full Frame Lens

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Why NiSi Filters?

In the past few years of me using filters, I’ve used several types, brands and quite honestly, some that made me almost never want to use filters again, they were that bad!


I started with the really cheap ones purchased online which were to be really honest, rubbish. I then tried several bottom to mid range screw on filters, primarily the polariser which worked alright, but was okay at best.


Stepping up to use LEE Filters, I thought I would be set and I had found a range I could work worth, but was left feeling very underwhelmed with the design and overall results I was achieving.


In comes NiSi. When I first started using NiSi Filters, it was the change I wanted and a brand of filters I felt like I could actually invest in to help in the creation of my images. That is the result I hope you will get by choosing to use NiSi for your filter needs.


I am also here to help answer your questions and queries. Please email me at info@ryanfowler.photography for help with your filter needs.