Private Photography Workshops

With Ryan Fowler Photography

Are you wanting to learn more and take your photography up Another Level?


A One-To-One photography workshop can be tailored to suit what YOU would like to learn, and YOUR skill level.


My goal in the private (one-to-one) workshops is to share with you the knowledge you need to capture a type of scene confidently. Having a better understanding of composition, working with light and understanding your camera will help greatly in creating images long term, no matter what type of scene you’re photographing.

Within each workshop, they’re designed around you and focus on areas like:

  • Settings (ISO, shutter speed & aperture control)
  • Composition and getting the most visually appealing image using different compositional techniques
  • Getting the most from the gear you have
  • Lens choices, use and why which will work for the scene you’re photographing
  • And more…


As all of these techniques are taught practically, you learn through actual hands-on experience, meaning everything is put into practice there and then.


What’s more, there are so many different scenarios to photograph like:

  • Astro/Night/Cityscape Photography
  • Sunrise/Sunset and controlling dynamic range
  • Drone Photography
  • Long Exposures
  • Waterfalls
  • And more…
Private photography and post-processing workshops Gold Coast, Australia


One thing that a lot of photographers struggle with is post-processing. And for good reason, it’s often confusing. It is also an essential part of turning a RAW file into a finished image to share through social media and in print.


Using a combination of editing techniques, you can bring a flat file back to life and to the state that you saw it, with a couple of tweaks. That’s why I feel it’s essential to have an understanding and the knowledge to edit your photographs.


We can incorporate time for post-processing to develop a further understanding of programs like Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop either in person (for an in-person workshop) or we can chat and cover the techniques digitally for anyone who may not be local but still wants to learn more and develop. 

Private workshops Australiaone to one workshops australia
Gold Coast Private Photography WorkshopGold Coast Private Photography Workshops

Time & Place:

  • We can work out the perfect location to suit the type of photography you are wanting to learn
  • Travel fees apply to Brisbane/Sunshine Coast and interstate travel
  • No travel fees in the Gold Coast/Tweed Coast regions

Connect Digitally:

  • Wherever you are in the world
  • Covers what YOU would like to learn in post-processing
  • Connect digitally through Skype to share screens and follow along with edits

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