Private Aerial Photography Workshop Experience – The Tweed


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Come and experience the Tweed & Byron Bay regions from a unique perspective! 


As one of the most diverse regions in the country, the Tweed & Byron are known for their endless beaches, rugged headlands, blue water, stunning hinterlands and much more! From the ground, they look great. But from the air, it allows for incredible and stunning images you won’t be able to find anywhere else!


Join me on this 1-hour Private Photography Aerial Workshop Experience to learn about aerial photography from a light plane and capture stunning images you will be sure to want in your portfolio or on your wall.


We will be taking off from Gold Coast airport with the pilot, myself, as your photography instructor and of course, you! Our flight path will then take off over Tweed Heads to head south along the coastline where we will bank past Byron Bay Headland, the Lighthouse, The Pass and be able to capture images the whole way. As we head back, we finish our flight circling Wollumbin/Mount Warning that shows off the mountain and caldera with every ridge and valley. The flight path we have in store for you is truly stunning.


You will also be getting instruction the entire time from me, including a heads up on some of the more notable images you will want to get. Settings help and questions will be run through before we get in the air to have you as prepared as possible. A couple of extra accessories will also be provided to help get the clearest and sharpest images straight out of camera.


To book your experience, simply put an order through and we will be in touch to arrange a day/time that suits!



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  • All flights must be booked and paid for prior to departure. Once an order has been put through, we will contact you via email or phone to arrange a suitable day and time to conduct the flight.
  • Booked flights may be cancelled (with re-arranged day/time) due to weather or external factors that may affect the quality or experience of the flight. Postponements may be in short notice, depending on weather factors. This is to be determined by the pilot or Ryan Fowler Photography.
  • Refunds: Refunds may be offered if a flight has to be cancelled or re-scheduled (as above). If the refund is customer requested, there may be a cancellation fee. Refunds are offered at the discretion of Ryan Fowler Photography. Should you choose to cancel your flight within 24 hours of the flight, you will be liable for the costs associated with late cancellation.
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  1. S Crawford

    If you have a love of flying and taking photos, this is an experience that ticks the boxes. A flight from Coolangatta down the coast turning around Cape Byron and then inland to Mount Warning is a fantastic trip not easily replicated.

    This flight is then completed as you get the best view looking over the pilots shoulders as you land on the main runway of Gold Coast International Airport.

    Ryan will make sure you have all the correct camera settings to ensure you don’t miss a photo opportunity. Pilot Dean, will provide you with commentary and the best views as you sit in the back seat looking out both side windows and the rear window.
    – Stuart C

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