Sunwayfoto DPL-03R Universal L-type Quick-Release Bracket


  • Arca-Type and RRS Compatible
  • Fast Portrait & Landscape Switching
  • Detachable Flange
  • Reorient & Maintain Head Position
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Sunwayfoto DPL-03R Universal L-type Quick-Release Bracket, enables fast changes between portrait and landscape orientation without the need to readjust your head and completely recompose the shot. Because there are dovetail grooves on both the horizontal and vertical elements, you can simply release the bracket from any Arca-type quick-release clamp, tilt it 90°, and lock the bracket back in place. Using an L-bracket also facilitates a sturdier base of support than tilting an entire head to a 90° position.

Using L bracket can maximize the stability and efficiency of using the camera on the ball head when switching the horizontal and vertical composition. Can completely eliminates the common gross positioning shifts in changing the horizontal composition to vertical composition, and the depth of the scenes capturing in horizontal aspect will not be effected when changing the composition.

Ideal for variety of traditional 135/120 SLR film cameras and digital SLR cameras with LCD protector.  One piece CNC cutting machined from light weight aircraft-grade aluminum, stain anodized surface finish for better abrasion and corrosion resistant.  Arcs-Swiss style and Really Right Stuff compatible.

Product Features:

  1. With a offset convex edge, ideal for prevent your equipments from shifting and not interfere the cameras with LEC protector.
  2. Integrate four safety stop mounting holes on the back of the plate. (SUNWAYFOTO provides safety stop screws).
  3. Both of horizontal and vertical plate has a monopod mounting hole for attaching camera equipment quickly.
  4. The strap installing hole for fastening the strap or wrist strap. So that can increase the comfortability and security of the lens or the camera when carrying.
  5. This design provides many positions to install the screws and have very good compatibility.
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