Sunwayfoto PANO-1 Professional Panoramic Head Set


  • Load Capacity of 10kg
  • Perfectly for professional panoramic shooting
  • includes hard case
  • Weights 3.5kg
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Sunwayfoto PANO-1 Professional Panoramic Head Set with aluminium case, contains everything a Panoramic photographer dreams of.  It contains a high quality equipment listed below for perfect panoramic photos. The finish is uncompromisingly good and can competes with the much more expensive products from other manufacturers – finally the entry into the high-end panoramic photography is affordable.

Sunwayfoto PANO-1 Professional Panoramic Head Set contains 9 items.


  1. Leveling Base DYH-66i×1
  2. Indexing Rotator DDP-64M×1
  3. Discal Clamp DDY-64i×1
  4. Multi-Purpose Rails DPG-2416×1
  5. Nodal Slide DMP-200R×1
  6. Panning Clamp DDH-05×1
  7. Discal Clamp DDY-58×1
  8. Vertical Clamp DMC-200×1
  9. Universal L bracket DPL-01×1
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